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A Brief History of Payroll Explained in Fewer than 220 Words

Nov 12, 2019 11:00:00 AM

The idea of payroll began around 7000 BC when archaeologists found evidence of payroll records carved into stone.  That's pretty cool. 

A few milestones and important to note when looking at the history of payroll. 

1909:  The 16th Amendment was signed allowing the US government to collect income tax from all Americans. 

1921:  Sales taxes were enacted first in West Virginia. 

1935:  The first set of payroll taxes were implemented to fund programs like social security, and unemployment insurance via the Social Security Act signed by President Franklin Roosevelt. 

1947:  GM (yes, that's General Motors) established a way to automate payroll. 

1957:  ADP becomes one of the first companies to begin the shift from manual to automated payroll processing. 

1978:  The alternative minimum tax was enacted. 

1980:  The desktop computer made it possible for tons of payroll companies to emerge.  In 1982, the American Payroll Association was founded.

1992:  Social Security payroll deductions were introduced. 

1993:  Proliant opens up as a business providing accounting services and support to clients across the Southeast. 

2016:  The Payroll industry continues to automate and be innovative including introducing concepts of daily pay, early access to earned wages, and all disbursements into pay cards.

2019:  Proliant introduces ReadyPay Today to the world.

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