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Tension Mounts In Trucking Industry Over ELD Mandate

Dec 18, 2017 11:58:58 AM

Later today, December 18th, the commercial trucking industry Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate will go into effect. This mandate will require all truckers use an ELD machine, forcing them to comply with a federal house-of-service rule, limiting them to driving no more than 11 hours in one day. The ELD will replace the long standing paper logbooks used to track a driver’s on and off duty hours.


The drivers of these trucks have been very vocal in their dissatisfaction of the new law. This is especially true of smaller trucking businesses or independent truckers who feel their privacy is being violated. In an interview with the Journal of Commerce, trucker Kim Schwindt said, “That truck is my home, my business, my moneymaker […] I have a right not to have a GPS tracking device on my home.” Another trucker, David McKinney says, “If you’re a safe operator, why must you be monitored by the federal government, like you’re a criminal?”

The truckers have taken to protesting in several places across the country as well as voicing their opinions on Twitter with the hashtag “ELDorME”. Unfortunately it seems their voices have gone largely unheard as the Trump administration has shown no interest in stopping the mandate.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Raymond P. Martinez explains that ELDs are legally required in vehicles. He says, “It would be my intention to first and foremost abide by the law but also to have an open-door policy and work with all the impacted stakeholders,” and continues, “The goal [of the ELD mandate] is not to cripple commerce, the goal is to make our roadways safer.”

According to the Journal of Commerce, the FMCSA also reported an 11.5% increase in citations for falsifying driver logs and a 14.8% jump in the number of US truck drivers put out of service for falsifying logs in the last fiscal year.

Though it looks bleak for those against this mandate, they may get somewhere with regard to the ELDs themselves. Currently ELD manufacturers self-certify their device’s compliance to government standards. This can potentially result in drivers who use certain brands of ELDs to face penalties for a device failing to comply with regulations. Curtis T. Hill, Jr., Indiana attorney general, expresses his concern for the “‘no set manner of testing” by ELD manufacturers. He is currently lobbying for “an immediate delay’ in ELD requirements.” [sic]

Despite the protests and threats of striking, the ELD mandate looks as though it will pass into law.

 You can read more about the ELD Mandate HERE

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