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What the “Future of Work” Means for Employers and Employees

Jun 21, 2018 4:00:00 PM

A 2018 study from Mercer takes input from, “800 business executives, 1,800 HR professionals, and 5,000+ employees from 21 industries and 44 countries around the world”. What they found pointed to a “Year of Action”, or change, for businesses as they worked towards “Unlocking Growth in the Human Age”. But what does that mean for organizations as they plan for the Future of Work?

Essentially, Mercer concluded that it comes down to the new ways the current workforce is working, and what a business can provide to their workers to help them succeed. It all comes down to the people, the employees. The study discovered the following top workforce trends that employees are seeking as the 2018 workforce:

  • The ability to change, and change at speed, is emerging as a differentiating organizational competency.
  • Embedding a higher sense of purpose into the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) unlocks individual potential and spurs people to be change agents.
  • Flexibility isn’t just about working wherever/whenever; it’s also about rethinking what work is done, how it is done, and by whom.
  • Organizations are becoming smart platforms for matching skill supply with work demand while maximizing human creativity and ambition.
  • The ability to unlock growth in the human age will rely on how digital technologies can augment the human work experience.

In an article from HR Dive, Valerie Bolden-Barrett makes note on how most, if not all, of the above trends highlight how important the workforce considers Employee Value Proposition, or EVP. When working any job, an employee will expect benefits in return for the skills, capabilities, and experience they bring to the table; this is EVP. However, there is a disconnect between employer and employee on what EVP means to each side. Companies that properly communicate their purpose, values, and business goals tend to see much happier and productive employees who feel a sense of value in their work now that they know what they are working for.

Whether it be through flexible, or at-home, work schedules, a digital overhaul of their systems, or more in-depth communication with employees, business owners of 2018 have to realize that the workplace, and workforce, have changed. The successful organizations moving forward will be the ones willing to adapt to these new trends and show their employees that they are willing to be more flexible in exchange for continued productivity.


Want to learn more about the 2018 global talent trends? You can read explore the Mercer study HERE.



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