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Why It's Crucial to Hire in the Manufacturing Industry Right Now!

Dec 29, 2017 4:13:18 PM

The last several months have seen unemployment falling to 4.3%, and average hourly earnings rise 0.3% for employees within the Manufacturing Industry. A large part of this is attributed to stronger household incomes, demand pushing forward, and more opportunities for American exporters being provided. The month to month wage acceleration shows managers pushing to both keep and attract new workers; the annual wage growth percent of 2.5% is little changed over the past two years.

The facts above show that the industry as a whole is doing well financially, and more people are moving to a manufacturing position as a means of work. However, hiring experienced and hard-working employees is becoming more difficult for companies. This can be attributed to reported weak productivity and returning labor workers accepting lower-skilled positions. The pace of job-gain has also decreased approximately 179,000 compared to 187,000 in 2016. Employers are more reluctant to seek out more experienced workers in fear that they will lose the semi-experienced workers they currently have.

Employees that seek part-time positions, normally very common within manufacturing industries, fell by 44,000 in 2017. Many workers seem to desire a more consistent pay schedule.

The industry as a whole hasn’t reduced to panic yet, it has little reason to. However the recent trends all point towards experienced workers being harder to come by as time goes on. It’s within your businesses’ best interest to always be on the lookout for talented prospects and have a reliable onboarding system to get new employees into the field as soon as possible.  

A good Applicant Tracking and Onboarding system can help you seek out exactly the kind of employees, with exactly the kinds of skills your business needs, without having to actively look for them.

A customizable application form allows businesses to ask specific questions, and require certain levels of skill/experience, when posting to job boards. A smooth onboarding process can start even before a new employee’s first day: allow a new employee to access new-hire paperwork and forms at home so they can begin their training as early as the first day.

Talented prospects aren’t impossible to find, but it is getting more difficult. Take the steps to invest in a good hiring process before these prospects seek out businesses that already do.

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