Proliant Adds An Improved Method of Paying Employees

by Proliant, on Oct 30, 2023 9:45:07 AM

Atlanta, GA Proliant users can deliver critical tools that help employees take control of their financial wellness and provide value, simplicity, and quality to employers.

We are excited to expand our offerings through this integration. We realize employees prefer direct deposit to other payroll options, so this integration provides one more way to meet those demands.”  

Ken Clayton, Proliant CRO

Proliant users can use the Skylight ONE® PayOptionsTM Program, which lets employers pay their employees via direct deposit to a Skylight ONE® Card upon activation and ID verification. This also allows employees to get paid two days faster, save money with an optional savings account, and make in-store and online purchases. The use of this paycard option also eliminates the risk of theft as well as adds a payment option for those who don't have a bank account.

Moreover, with Proliant's advanced tip pooling calculations, employees can load their tips onto a Skylight ONE® Visa® Prepaid Card or add it directly to their regular payroll, helping them feel safer when they leave work. All of this is powered by Global Payments.

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