Proliant Named 2024 Top Innovative Payroll Software Solutions for Businesses

by Proliant, on May 22, 2024 8:16:41 AM

Atlanta, GA  —  Proliant is excited to share that it has been named a "Top Payroll Software" solution by Tekpon. This list showcases the best payroll software options that cater to the varying needs of businesses of all sizes, emphasizing effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Proliant was chosen for its capacity to minimize errors, save time, and guarantee precise and timely employee payments. Proliant's solutions frequently encompass features like direct deposit, employee self-service portals, and comprehensive reporting capabilities, making them essential assets for contemporary businesses.

We are honored to be included in this list. Our commitment to delivering top-notch payroll solutions to our clients is unwavering, and being recognized for it is truly gratifying.

—Adam Clayton, Proliant CFO

About Tekpon

Tekpon is an online marketplace dedicated to connecting businesses with the software solutions they need to thrive in today’s digital landscape. With a focus on innovation, quality, and transparency, Tekpon offers a curated selection of software across various categories, aiding businesses in enhancing their operations and achieving their digital marketing goals.

About Proliant

At Proliant, our mission is to ensure our clients have the tools and excellent service they need to continue growing. We do this by providing industry-leading human capital and payroll solutions that streamline processes, improve accuracy, and ensure compliance. We've tailored our service model for maximum client satisfaction with high-touch, single-point-of-contact service that sets us apart from our competition.