Proliant Partners With Icon to Deliver Innovative Workplace Retirement Benefit

by Proliant, on Aug 17, 2023 1:09:57 PM

Atlanta, GA - Proliant, a leading provider of cutting-edge Human Capital Management (HCM) and payroll solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Icon, the foremost leader in digital Personalized Retirement Plan (PRP) benefits. This landmark collaboration empowers Proliant's clients with access to a radically simplified, cost-effective retirement benefit solution.

"We are excited about this partnership as it not only provides employers an easier, more affordable way to offer a retirement benefit, but also allows employees to take ownership and control of their retirement savings,” said Ken Clayton, Chief Revenue Officer, Proliant. 

As businesses grapple with state mandates to provide retirement plans for employees, many find traditional 401(k) plans too complex and expensive. Icon's solution changes the game by removing the regulatory complexity, administrative burden and high costs. Icon’s cost is about half of a typical 401(k) plan. The approach is straightforward, offering automated portfolios tailored to each individual's needs.

“Only 10% of businesses in the US offer a 401k, leaving a significant portion of the workforce without a workplace retirement plan. Our partnership with Proliant addresses this gap, making it easier and more affordable for employers to offer this essential benefit,” said Laurie Rowlely, CEO of Icon. 

About Proliant 

At Proliant, we aim to ensure our clients have the tools and excellent service they need to continue growing. We do this by providing industry-leading human capital and payroll solutions that streamline processes, improve accuracy, and ensure compliance. We've tailored our service model for maximum client satisfaction with high-touch, single-point-of-contact service that sets us apart from our competition.

About Icon

At Icon we’ve transformed retirement benefits by seamlessly blending digital technology with innovative plan design to create a new type of retirement benefit: a PRP (Portable Retirement Plan). This innovative approach removes the regulatory complexity and administrative burden from employers and delivers personalized saving and investing to employees. Icon is a full-service retirement provider, committed to delivering user-friendly, affordable retirement solutions to businesses of all sizes. Learn more at