Proliant Partners with TAP Innovations for Expanded Integration Capabilities and Historical Document Migration

by Proliant, on Mar 14, 2023 12:33:48 PM

 Atlanta, GA – March 14, 2023

Proliant has partnered with TAP Innovations to ensure clients are able to integrate the systems they already use with Proliant’s payroll and HCM solution and improve the process of transferring documents from a legacy system. 

"We couldn't be more excited about our strategic partnership with TAP Innovations," remarked Ken Clayton, Proliant CRO. "By integrating the two systems, we'll offer clients a way to pull and store documents quickly so they can focus on managing everyday operations as smoothly as possible."

This strategic partnership was established to remove the need for manual efforts to connect systems. Partnering with TAP Innovations helps Proliant customers connect two or more systems by expanding offerings with custom integrations to the systems that are not already in the Proliant marketplace. Types of systems include customer relationship management (CRM), point of sale (POS), applicant tracking systems (ATS),  learning management systems (LMS), and more. TAP Innovations also uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to pull historical documents from multiple systems to be stored within the Proliant solution. 

This new partnership benefits Proliant and TAP Innovations in two ways:

Improving Integrations

TAP Innovations expands Proliant’s offerings by building custom integrations to systems not on the Proliant marketplace so that customers can continue using the systems needed for everyday operations. TAP Innovations plays the role of the middle-man, sending information directly back and forth between Proliant and the third-party system to effectively cut out manual data entry.

Pulling and Storing Documents

TAP Innovations allows Proliant clients to pull documents from a third-party system to be stored within Proliant. This is a huge win for new Proliant clients who need I9s, pay stubs, etc., extracted from their system. Delegating this task to TAP Innovations allows new clients to focus on implementing Proliant instead of losing time moving documents.

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At TAP Innovations, we take pride in making your company’s information accessible across an enterprise so individuals, teams, and groups can collaborate at a higher level without wasting time and financial resources. More often than not, core business systems such as those utilized in human resources, finance, ERP, and Electronic Medical Records turn out to be insufficient. This leads to many turning to manual efforts and spreadsheets, which fall short in interoperability and product updates. To remedy this, we turned to technology to create TI Core Modules that offer cloud-based solutions without replacing what worked before. Our unique solutions of highly integrated applications replace your Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets (MESS), improve workforce productivity, and digitally transform the way you view and share data.

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