June 2022 Release Notes: New Features and Fixes to ReadyPay Online

by Proliant, on Jul 8, 2022 11:39:12 AM

New Features and Fixes | June 2022

As employees begin making their way back into the office, businesses are placing more emphasis on employee recruitment and retention. One proven strategy to help in this arena is early access to earned wages for employees. 

Employees who have access to early wages tend to be happier and stay longer, saving you 100s of hours of recruitment, training and HR processing time. In fact, offering an on-demand pay solution has proven to decrease turnover by 40% and increase recruitment by 30%. 

At Proliant, our ReadyPay Today solution has proven to be one of the top on-demand pay solutions on the market. The reason being is we continuously work to make the necessary improvements in order to provide the best solution available to our clients. 

Let’s take a look at some of the recent new features and fixes we implemented into our ReadyPay Today solution


We have implemented the following functionality enhancements to Accrual Policies:

  • Admins now have the ability to set up recurring qualifications before granting accrual hours based on average hours worked. . 
  • When selected, ReadyTime will evaluate the hours worked over the selected time period before automatically granting accrual hours to employees. 
  • ReadyTime has been enhanced to include an employee’s Average hours worked per week when determining the minimum number of hours to qualify for an accrual policy. 

  • The Accrual Rules window title now includes both the accrual policy name and accrual type information
  • An information icon was added to the Average Hours section of the Accrual Rules window to explain how average hours are calculated.

Auto Assignment Enhancement
The Time Off Policies | Auto Assignment page supportsPaid Time Off Policy auto assignment for new hires. Based on settings on this page, the correct Paid Time Off Policy is now automatically assigned to a new hire.


The following issues have been resolved: 

Accrual Calculations

  • Accrual Calculation engine incorrectly reduced hours after time off requests or adjustments were added. This issue has been resolved. 
  • The Accrual Calculation engine continued to use accrual balances from deleted accrual groups. This issue has been resolved. 

Accrual Time Off Workflow 

  • Orphan PTO requests that were later adjusted did not cancel current accrual workflows, leaving outdated workflow records behind. This issue has been resolved. 

Date Display 

  • Some accrual dates associated with accrual history and policy assignments displayed incorrectly. This issue has been resolved.

Documentation Enhancements

ReadyTime Accrual Auto Assignments for New Hires 
In ReadyTime, the auto assignment of accrual policies for new hires runs as part of a nightly process.

Assign an Accrual Policy to Employees
Employees with no assigned accrual policy can be located using the Employee Policy filter.

To view the full release report, please click here.