September 2022 Release Notes: New Features and Fixes to ReadyPay Online

by Proliant, on Oct 17, 2022 1:17:53 PM

New Features and Fixes | August 2022

As inflation continues to rise in the U.S., so does the number of employees who live paycheck to paycheck. As a way of helping these employees, companies everywhere are turning to earned wage access solutions. 

Our ReadyPay Online solution is perfect for offering employees early access to earned wages. From payout card options to early access to wages for hourly and salaried employees, ReadyPay Online ensures your employees have peace of mind knowing they have access to their wages in the event of unexpected expenses. 

As we continue to offer this effective solution, we also continue to make the necessary improvements. Here are some new features and fixes we have recently made to ReadyPay Today.

Administration Enhancements

We have implemented the following functionality enhancements:

  • ReadyTime Administration Menu: ReadyTime accrual configuration has been moved to a new ReadyTime section.
  • Accrual Policies:  Hours to Accrue section have been enhanced to display up to 6 decimals from 4 decimals.

Problem Resolutions

The following issues have been resolved: 

  • Accrual Policies: On the Accrual Rules window, a rounding issue occurred when the Per Year selection was used. This issue has been resolved.
  • Employee Policies: When no accrual policies were configured for a company and the RT-TimeOff service was enabled, an error occurred on the Employee Policy page. This issue has been resolved. 

Supervisor Enhancements

  • Accrual History: The Employee | Accrual History page has been enhanced to display additional data: Avail Hours, Hours Used, and Last Accrued information for each accrual policy.
  • ReadyTime Terminology Updates:  Terminology used in ReadyTime, has been updated to use consistent naming across the application.

ReadyTime Terminology Updates

Problem Resolutions

  • The Employee | Time Off | Pending Requests page now automatically adjusts the Start and End dates when days are added to or removed from a request.
  • Accrual and granted hours were not displayed correctly on the Employee | Accrual History page. This issue has been resolved.

Employee Enhancements

  • Time Off Increments: For accrual policies where time off requests are restricted to a specific number of hours and minutes, the warning message that displays on the My Time | Request page was enhanced to display hours instead of minutes.

Problem Resolutions

  • The My Time | Request page now automatically adjusts the Start and End dates when days are added to or removed from a request.

You can view the full release notes report here.