G2 Grid Report for Fall 2022: Proliant is Leader in Core HR, Time & Attendance, and Earned Wage Access

by Proliant, on Sep 26, 2022 2:19:33 PM

The G2 Grid Reports for Fall 2022 show how much we have succeeded in making payroll and HR easier for our clients with cutting-edge HR technology and unmatched service. 

Proliant continues to maintain 4.5 out of 5 stars from our customer reviews on G2. This fall, we appear on 53 reports related to early wage access, time & attendance, onboarding, and workforce management. Those reports are categorized into 6 different types, including Grid Report, Implementation Index, Relationship Index, Results Index, Usability Index, and Momentum Grid Report. They include rankings for small-, mid-, and enterprise-sized companies.

Proliant is ranked as a leader on the Grid® Reports for the following categories:

  • Earned Wage Access
  • Time & Attendance 
  • Core HR

Being ranked as a leader means Proliant is rated highly by G2 users for its high quality of support, ease of use, and easy administration. 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Proliant a leader in these categories. 

Leader in Earned Wage Access Software

Proliant is a leader on the G2 Grid® Report for Earned Wage Access Software, ranking 3rd overall based on market presence and client satisfaction. 

Proliant - G2 Grid - EWA

Proliant ranked #1 for the EWA Relationship Index because of our commitment to excellent service and the following G2 scoring metrics: 

  • Ease of business
  • Likely to recommend
  • Quality of support

Earned wage access, also known as on-demand pay or early access to earned wages, allow employees to receive a payout for their earned wages before scheduled payday. Typically, employees access their funds through the use of mobile applications where they can transfer the amounts to a bank account, prepaid debit card, or payroll card. 

Proliant’s EWA product, ReadyPay Today, qualified for inclusion in the Earned Wage Access category because it met these requirements:

  • Give employees on-demand access to earned wages
  • Provide a portal or app for employees to manage earned wages
  • Integrate with payroll systems
  • Generate reports or dashboards that enable employers to track earned wage access usage

Leader in Time & Attendance

Proliant is a leader on the G2 Grid® Report for Time & Attendance Software, ranking 14th overall, 10th for small businesses, and 12th for mid-market. 

Proliant - G2 Grid - Time & Attendance

Time and attendance software makes time tracking and reporting easier for companies and HR departments. Proliant’s software helps users understand local and federal labor requirements while providing employees access to their schedules, time cards, and time-off balances. Our product helps companies and HR departments take control of their time and labor, saving them time and money and ensuring compliance. 

Proliant’s Time & Labor solution qualified for inclusion in these reports because it met the following requirements:

  • Include tools to process employee time & attendance, including hours worked, overtime, paid time off, sick days, and holidays/li>
  • Analyze key labor force metrics
  • Improve accuracy and eliminate employee attendance-related payroll errors
  • Centralize all time & attendance data

Leader in Core HR

Proliant is a leader on the G2 Grid® Report for Core HR, ranking 14th overall, 10th for small businesses, and 12th for mid-market. 

Proliant - G2 Grid - Core HR

Human resources software stores employee information within a central system of record. Proliant’s human capital management (HCM) technology allows users to manage essential employee data, including: 

Proliant’s HCM is part of a suite of solutions for HR and payroll management that integrates with many third-party applications to ensure ease of use and implementation. 

Our product qualified for inclusion in the Core HR category because it met these requirements:

  • Store employee information and documents in a central database
  • Enable simple exporting and importing of employee data for reporting purposes
  • Integrate with third-party HR applications from which additional employee information can be pulled
  • Allow users to customize employee profiles with unique data fields

Proliant is a Leader Because We Provide Unmatched Service and Support

Proliant’s suite of solutions is easy to use and implement, and we offer fantastic support that our clients rave about on G2. This commitment to excellent service is what makes us a leader on so many of the Fall 2022 reports. 

Our industry-leading service model includes personalized service and focuses on building partnerships instead of transactional relationships. Features of the Proliant service model include: 

  • Dedicated single point of contact
  • U.S.-based support
  • Experts with knowledge about your specific industry
  • High-touch customer service 
  • Secondary backup support line 

To learn more about what our satisfied customers have to say and to view more of our rankings, check out our profile on G2