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Award-Winning Integration Streamlines Processes for Franchise Owners

Jul 26, 2021 1:37:27 PM

At Proliant, we’re working to make life easier for anyone managing payroll and human resources. Toward the beginning of the New Year, we implemented an integration between Proliant’s onboarding solution and McDonald’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), McHire (built by Paradox). With the Proliant Onboarding and McHire Integration, we were able to help restaurant franchise owners by eliminating time-consuming manual corrections from their hiring systems. 

How the Proliant Onboarding & McHire Integration Works

McDonald’s uses a back-office system called eRestaurant, which relies on the information in McHire as the source of truth. However, McHire doesn’t allow new hires to sign federal, state, or local forms electronically, making the paperwork incomplete and causing discrepancies between systems. These data inaccuracies are time-consuming and tedious to correct because managers have to go line-by-line double-checking information across multiple systems. 

Proliant’s integration with McHire makes it possible for new hires to sign federal, state, or local forms electronically. By integrating with Proliant’s onboarding, these systems can sync up in a single source. We made it so that hiring managers and franchise owners have the most accuracy and compliance and no longer have to perform tedious clean-up tasks.

When franchise operators integrate with Proliant, new hires receive a message containing a link to start Proliant’s onboarding process. New hires create an account, complete and sign all necessary paperwork, fill in contact information, and submit all forms electronically. Once this is completed, the new hire’s status in McHire automatically updates and shows “Onboarding Complete.” Finally, the manager marks them “Hire,” triggering the information to flow into eRestaurant.

The integration enables various features that make life easier, including: 

  • Sign and verify new hire paperwork electronically and instantly
  • Store and manage documents securely and in a single location
  • Allow employees to view and pay through a self-service portal
  • Give candidates a choice to complete forms in English or Spanish
  • Stay 100% compliant with IRS rules and government regulations
  • Trigger data flow to automatically and directly into eRestaurant

The Proliant Onboarding & McHire Integration ensures the most accuracy and compliance as these systems work together as one. 

Results of the Proliant Onboarding & McHire Integration

The Proliant Onboarding & McHire Integration has successfully made onboarding processes, information management, and compliance easier for franchise owners across the United States, which is why we were named a 2021 Sales and Marketing Technology Award (the “Sammy”) winner.

The unique benefits of this integration include the ability to:

  • Lessen the number of administrative tasks associated with hiring and onboarding new employees
  • Capture candidates’ information and required paperwork electronically, including their I9, W2, Deductions, Direct Deposits, Address, and more
  • Complete the onboarding process by marking the candidate as “Hire” in McHire, sending their information to eRestaurant automatically
  • Decrease time to hire, reduce redundant data entry, and cut back on paperwork
  • Be on top of regulatory changes such as scheduling laws and minimum wage increases
  • Spend more time focusing on restaurant operations, customers, and employees

One McDonald’s Franchise owner from North Carolina has been using Proliant since 2012. Here is what they have to say about the Proliant and McHire integration: 

"The integration between Proliant's onboarding solution and McHire ensures I capture all the new hire's paperwork before their first day. I feel more organized and well-prepared. My new employees are happier too because they can jump in right away."

Our solution focuses on accuracy and streamlining processes for employers and employees, providing an excellent service that makes people’s lives easier. In the end, this integration brings all of the vital systems together for managing employees at McDonald’s and makes it easier for them to get all of the information they need in one place. Our solution also ensures utmost accuracy for federal, state, and local compliance.

Discover How Proliant Can Streamline Your Business Processes

Proliant empowers and improves business operations through our various integration partners.  Our solutions integrate seamlessly with a wide range of industry-leading business systems and technologies, helping business owners do more. With Proliant integrations, businesses are able to consolidate internal processes, reduce manual administration, and connect HR data across multiple systems. 

Are you interested in learning more about our integrations and technology? Contact us for a demonstration, and we’ll help you find the solutions to streamline your payroll and HR processes. 

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