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How a Payroll & HR Solution With Strong Integration Capabilities Can Benefit Your Restaurant

May 12, 2023 9:40:58 AM

When you're running a restaurant, your HR and payroll system is one of the critical components of your overall operation. A great system can help you run your restaurant operations most efficiently, saving you time and money and boosting your sales.

It's important to keep in mind that there are other tools beyond payroll, like onboarding and applicant tracking, that can greatly benefit your HR processes. However, using these tools separately from your payroll system can lead to mistakes and redundant data entry. This is where integrations come in handy.

Over the past few years, third-party integrations have become increasingly important in the restaurant industry. By connecting your system with other software solutions like time and labor, cashless tipping, and other tools used for business operations, you can extend your capabilities by streamlining business processes, reducing manual administration, and connecting your organization's HR data across multiple systems.

Now, let's explore three commonly utilized solutions for restaurants and how integrations can enhance these processes.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) integrations are a game-changer in streamlining restaurant operations and boosting efficiency. They automate time-consuming tasks and provide new tools to optimize your day-to-day tasks.

Proliant's integrations, such as Toast, Brink, and Positouch, enable you to receive employee data, including their hours, wages, and sales transactions. Moreover, these integrations make handling employee status changes like new hires, transfers, pay rate changes, or terminations easy.

How it works

Once an employee record is created in Proliant, critical data such as their hire date, position, pay rate, and work location are stored. This data is then transmitted to the POS, allowing employees to punch in and out on their first day of work. Throughout the pay period, the POS is tracking hours worked, gross sales data, and tips. This data is then transmitted to Proliant to not only ensure accurate payroll calculations, but also open up opportunities for automating tip pooling and providing early wage access to employees.  

Applicant Tracking System

Managing candidates can be a challenge for restaurant managers, especially with the industry's increased job creation. In January 2023 alone, restaurants and bars added 98,600 positions, making applicant tracking more crucial than ever.

To streamline the hiring process and meet applicants' expectations for transparency and efficiency, integrating an applicant tracking system with HR data is critical for success. HR managers also benefit from a smooth and speedy hiring process.

With Proliant's ATS integrations, like ClearCompany and TalentReef, creating an onboarding record in Proliant's system is a breeze. Name, start date, pay rate, work location, and position are just a few of the crucial details included.

Once Proliant receives this information, they can create an onboarding record and send new hire paperwork automatically, well before their first day of work. This is perfect for creating a position or location-based rule, ensuring the necessary paperwork is distributed to the right employee.

This streamlined process saves time, minimizes costly mistakes, and allows new hires to hit the ground running ahead of their first day on the job.


Managing restaurant payroll can be a hassle, especially when a lot of manual data inputs are required. And if you're using multiple systems, the time it takes to input data can feel like an eternity. Luckily, Proliant's payroll software integrations can help.

These integrations allow you to enter data once and automatically sync it with your other systems, saving you time and ensuring consistent and accurate results. Plus, Proliant's integrations are continually growing, so you can rest assured that your data will always flow seamlessly between your third-party systems and Proliant.

In addition to making your life easier, our integrations also help streamline your business processes by reducing the need for manual administration and connecting your HR data across multiple systems. For example, with Proliant's payroll integrations, you can focus on growing your business and keeping your customers happy.

Now What?

Think through your day-to-day HR and payroll process. For example, where do you have to re-enter duplicate data? Where are you hitting snags along the way? Where are you constantly finding errors to fix? 

Proliant's integrations can help. So due away with this timely and costly approach, and start streamlining your entire process from start to finish with Proliant's integration capabilities

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