The Top 9 Payroll and HR Blogs for 2020

Jan 7, 2020 10:00:00 AM

1. Kazoo

Kazoo’s blog is all about the latest trends and best practices in employee engagement. Whether they’re covering the science of employee appreciation, tips for company goal setting, or first-day checklists for new hires, Kazoo offers actionable advice on a variety of HR topics.

2. Blueboard

Blueboard’s blog inspires HR leaders to recognize their top people in a more authentic, meaningful way. Their HR insiders challenge the status quo by offering fresh perspectives and best practices from their suite of clients, with ideas you can steal with pride for your own programs.

Beyond recognition and rewards, Blueboard covers a variety of hot topics affecting the complete employee lifecycle, from employer branding to building a qualified candidate pipeline, organizational empathy to performance management.

3. HR Bartender

HR Bartender is a casual blog written by the HR pro and consultant, Sharlyn Lauby. The blog got its name because the author felt that many people treated HR professionals the same as a neighborhood bartender, offering advice, listening to concerns, giving encouragement, etc. Covering all things workplace-related, HR Bartender answers questions, conducts interesting interviews, and shares content 3-4 times a week. Each post is very interesting and genuinely fun to read. 

4. Get Hppy Blog

Every list of HR blogs needs one that’s all about employees. The Get Hppy blog turns out employee-centric content from a fresh perspective, answering all of your most pressing questions about employee happiness and pumping out tons of amazing ideas you can easily implement in your office.

5. The Bob Sutton Blog

This blog’s primary writer, Bob Sutton, is also the author of the bestselling book, The No Asshole Rule, which tackles workplace negativity head-on. Just like his book, Sutton writes this blog for business and HR leaders who want to examine the deepest issues lurking in their offices, and more importantly, do something about them. While other HR-focused blogs often revolve around the opinions of the writer, Sutton commits to an evidence-based approach to his advice.

6. The Labor and Employment Law Blog

While some of the other blogs mentioned here like to keep you entertained, The Labor and Employment Law blog just wants to make sure you’re well informed about new laws and how they affect your work. But in the process of informing you, this blog is vastly entertaining, as it condenses the legal information you need to know into snack-able blog posts. It’s hard to keep track of fast changes in laws, statutes, and regulations, but this blog makes it easier for you.

7. The Harvard Business Review Blog

While HBR isn’t technically a blog, it is a website publishing expert posts that anyone in business should read. This non-blog ended up on our best human resources blogs list because it epitomizes intelligent online discussions about business, including HR topics like generational issues and leadership development. This is my personal favorite.

8. The Workplace Psychology Blog

Dr. Nguyen’s blog digs deep into psychology to help readers understand and deal with what happens in their offices every day. The blog is split into three main focus areas:

  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology and how new theories can be applied in the workplace
  • Occupational Health Psychology and the general well-being of workers
  • Organizational Behavior and how people behave at work

They separate themselves from other HR blogs through their commitment to presenting scholarly information and their promise only to cite the most credible sources.

9. The Proliant Blog

Come on. We wouldn’t put a list together without listing us, would we? :) Seriously, we put up some good stuff on payroll and HR best practices. We also create exciting articles about current events and trends regularly, so you will always find something new to check out on our blog page. You can subscribe to our blog with the form on this page.

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