Three Things Your Restaurant POS System is Missing

Oct 10, 2017 1:08:21 PM

In this day and age, Point of Sale (POS) systems are more robust than ever before. Easy to learn, approachable to those inexperienced, and (more or less) contain a pleasing user interface.

Restaurant POS systems in particular allow business owners to track sales metrics, identify popular menu items, and allow customers to pay their bill right from the table.

What if there were more integrations, more detailed metrics, and more features? What if your POS system could be even better?

1: Handheld Functionality

A handheld POS system has become increasingly popular within the restaurant experience for both servers and customers: view menus, enable easy pick-up or online ordering, see employee metrics, and improve order accuracy making sure nothing can get lost in translation.

But what if it could do more?

Pull more data, see more detailed reports; allow your backend manager to see tips in real time which then allows your payroll department to calculate an accurate salary for your servers, all in real time.

2: Integrated + Automatic Payroll

Manually compiling payroll for servers can be tedious, especially when calculating hourly pay alongside the numerous tips a server will receive any given day.

An integrated and automatic payroll system allows your servers to input their tips (whether they be cash-based, via credit card, or even tip pooling/sharing) as they receive them. This data is then automatically compiled into an employee’s file and allows your payroll department to very easily see any identifiable pay gaps that need to be filled.

3: Automated Onboarding

Every restaurant is different and any new employee will always take time to be trained and integrated into the new workflow, and an efficient onboarding process is an important step towards this integration.

But what if you could start the onboarding process before their first day on the job?

Including your onboarding within your POS system is an exceptional time saving method for both businesses and the employees they are hiring. Give new employees access to complete their onboarding from the comfort of their home and submit it online; save time by storing these records automatically to the new employee’s company profile, and let your new hire hit the ground running on their first day without bogging them down with hours of paperwork.


In a world in which customer/employee mobility, convenience, and experience are what separates the good from the bad, the tools you use to achieve those facets matter. A great POS system and workforce management software both encourage employees to stick around and provides a great experience to customers guaranteeing their repeat business. Providing those tools within your business is a fantastic step towards making said business better than ever.

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