Why Customer Service is Vital When Selecting an HCM

Feb 14, 2024 9:30:31 AM

In the ever-changing world of Human Resources, choosing the right Human Capital Management System (HCM) is a critical decision for any organization. While features, functionality, and cost are often top priorities when making a decision, it is equally important not to overlook the significance of customer service. Let's all look at why customer service plays a vital role in the HCM selection process.

What Makes For Good HCM Customer Service?

Let's Start With Implementation

If the word "implementation" sends chills up your spine, don't worry. Many share this sense of fear. But implementation doesn't have to strike fear into business owners. Everything should go smoothly if your HCM company has a strong customer service team and a solid implementation process.  

Organizations may face challenges during the transition to a new HCM and require prompt assistance. A customer service team that understands the urgency of implementation issues ensures the system runs seamlessly, minimizing downtime and disruptions. 

Easy Point of Contact

When it comes to payroll companies, the level of service they provide is a major differentiating factor. While some companies simply give you tools and let you figure things out on your own, others take a more hands-on approach with dedicated representatives who are reliable and always available to assist you. If exceptional service is a priority for you, then it's essential to search for an HCM company that offers the following types of service and support:

  • No call centers
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Support based in the U.S. 
  • Industry experts
  • High-touch customer service

User Training and Support

Employee adoption is critical to the success of any HCM. The best HCMs in the industry will only work correctly if employees use them properly. 

This means a customer service team should provide initial training and offer ongoing support, including addressing user queries, conducting refresher training sessions, and ensuring employees feel confident and comfortable using the system. This proactive support contributes to higher user satisfaction and engagement.


As businesses continue to grow, their HR needs also expand. It becomes increasingly important to have a customer service team that truly understands the scalability of the HCM. They should offer guidance on how the system can adapt to organizational growth and be readily available for any upgrades or expansions. This level of support ensures that the HCM remains a valuable asset for the company as it continues to evolve.

Let's Start the Search

Now that you've got a strong sense of what you're seeking in customer service with your HCM let's take the plunge and explore how to kickstart your search.

Customer Reviews

There's no better way to learn about HCM companies and their level of customer service than from those who worked with them directly. By browsing through customer review sites, you'll get an idea of what you want to look for, the features available, and the pain points other businesses have encountered with their payroll companies. 

Review sites for online payroll services: 

Comparing and Contrasting Service Models

A customer service model is like a company's blueprint to provide excellent customer support. These models can differ for each business, depending on their unique services, values, and goals. However, a customer service model's ultimate objective remains to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure their happiness.

As mentioned earlier, scalability is a crucial component for an effective HCM customer service team, which should be reflected in their service model. Many companies are constantly improving their customer service models based on valuable feedback to ensure they effectively meet the needs of their customers.

Key elements of this model encompass techniques to:

  • Address customer complaints
  • Retain clients
  • Solicit & leverage customer feedback

Third-Party Call Centers vs. White Glove Customer Service

Many companies choose to outsource their customer calls to third-party call centers. While this can sometimes result in longer wait times, it also means that you may have to interact with representatives who may not be familiar with the industry. Although trained to handle customer issues, their product knowledge may be limited, sometimes affecting how they handle more complex calls.

It is crucial to find an HCM that offers white glove customer service, where you will have a dedicated agent readily available for direct contact. This ensures that all your queries are promptly addressed and problems efficiently resolved by experts.

Are you Ready to Find the Right HCM?

When choosing an HCM, it's not just about the fancy features and capabilities – the customer service aspect plays a crucial role in the implementation success. Prioritizing a provider with a responsive, knowledgeable, and customer-centric support team is essential. This way, your organization can fully leverage the HCM's potential, enhancing HR efficiency and increasing employee satisfaction.

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