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3 More Ways You can Develop the BEST HR Team

Jun 21, 2019 10:30:00 AM

In the last blog (Top Ways You can Develop the BEST HR Team), we started our discussion of the evolving roles of HR and how you can get your team thinking in this proactive way.

Now, we want to focus on how you can attract these new HR workers to your business. This way, you can get your team from passive administrative workers to this new way of thinking.

The New Generation of Workers

The people in the workforce changing, millennials and Gen-Z are just starting to make up the majority of the workforce. Because of this, the types of jobs those workers are looking for are also changing. This workforce is looking for you to be open to digitalization, automation, remote working, and gig workers, to name a few.

There's a very high chance your HR team will transform into workers in one or more of those roles as you begin to hire new workers. Automating and digitizing the tedious HR tasks, payroll, and benefits help is a significant first step towards enticing these new workers. It has the bonus of letting them focus on proactive HR tasks.

Compliance and Benefits

When looking for jobs, the current workforce is searching for different benefits packages when compared with previous generations. According to SHRM, when looking for new HR talent, offering the following is more likely to entice prospective workers:

  • Parental leave
  • Flextime
  • Caregiver leave
  • Expanded fertility benefits
  • Gender reassignment and transformation assistance
  • Financial wellness programs
  • Benefits supporting critical life events

Offering perks like these shows applicants you are carefully listening to what they are looking for in a modern workplace.

Staying compliant on state and federal regulations is nothing new to an HR team. But as the workforce changes, so do the rules. The Gig Economy, remote workers, pay equality, marijuana use, will all require an entirely new set of rules for your HR team to learn. An excellent digital/automated system will give your HR staff an easy way of keeping track of information. It will also make it much easier and quicker to get the administrative tasks out of the way.

Educate your Staff

To keep up with all the new rules and regulations we just talked about, you'll need to make sure your HR team has access to an educational experience. Not only HR knowledge but business knowledge will be essential for a proactive HR team. Walter, Epic's chief talent officer, says, "The field of HR is changing rapidly, with many new regulations impacting how we interview, how we pay, required training, how we protect privacy, et cetera." Providing access for your HR team to further educate themselves makes your company much more appealing to the new HR professionals seeking work. Plus, what business owner would ever say "no" to an accredited/certified team of employees?

The future of HR looks very different from the HR departments that come to most people's minds right now. The current force, regulated to documenting payroll and answering benefits-related questions, is looking to automate those tasks so they can take a more proactive role in the workforce. Soon, HR professionals will be the ones making major business decisions and shaping what your company looks like to outside applicants. They will move from a passive mindset to one that's much more proactive.


Is your business ready for the new HR wave? Does moving from physical and manual work to digital and automated versions seem daunting? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Check out Proliant's suite of Powerful People Tools designed with your new HR team in mind: the #PeopleFirst mindset. Schedule a demo today and let us show how we can help you, like we've helped our 4,000+ clients across the country, succeed in the #PeopleFirst Economy.



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