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Top Ways You Can Develop the BEST HR Team

Jun 18, 2019 2:05:00 PM

Our discussion of tactics to better your HR department/team continues! This week we wanted to give you some tried and true ways that have been found to add strength to your entire HR infrastructure. These tips can even help to future proof!

Previously, our blogs defined an HRIS, and Human Capital Management and how they are changing the way most business owners view and utilize their HR staff. In this shifting mindset of HR professionals taking a more active role in the workforce. We think Jill Goldstein (global practice lead for talent and HR operations at management consulting firm Accenture) says it best, "I can envision a future where HR professionals are no longer thinking that their job is to stay on top of current HR trends but to reposition [themselves] to become workforce advisors."

Let's get into three ways you can take your HR team to the next level:


Embrace Technology and Analytics

We've already spoken about how HR professionals are starting to utilize company analytics more in their day-to-day roles. Employee retention, recruiting strategies, onboarding tactics, and training strategies are just a few topics that analytics can lend a significant hand to re-evaluating. In addition to analytics, getting your HR focused on the ever-evolving technologies is also quickly becoming a benefit and necessity.

Embracing technologies to automate more tedious tasks (payroll, benefits, and other Employee Self-Service questions) frees up your HR staff to embrace these analytics and become more active. HR can focus on developing the new core company values and practices within Human Capital Management (HCM).


Company Strategy and Success

We mention this in our 4 Ways a Human Capital Management System will Change the Way you View HR, but it's worth repeating: HR professionals need to understand the goals, ideas, ideals, and industry of the company where they work. If your HR team doesn't understand those principles of your company, how can they strategize workplace policies and procedures? Or attract the type of talent best suited for your company needs? Or even offer those new employees an onboarding experience that truly reflects your company's personality?

An informed HR team is a capable HR team, and educating your HR staff is the first step towards building up your company from the inside.



Many can often forget that HR truly means "Human Resources."

"Human" comes into play when managing the day-to-day lives of your employees and putting forward your company's values through training, onboarding, and benefits admin, to name a few. Essentially, bettering and helping your people.

"Resources" is organizing and offering training in the first place. Providing a cache of company documents or employee records for easy access is essential.

Mainly, give your people a reason to come to work every day, and provide them with the space to enjoy their work. After all, happier employees have been proven to provide better work.


Next time we'll finish up our list of some of the best ways to develop a capable HR team. Make sure you're subscribed to our blog so you don’t miss it!

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