Helpful Open Enrollment Resource List

Oct 18, 2023 7:00:00 AM

Open enrollment is here. To ensure you have all the support you need, here’s our list of 11 resources to ensure you knock open enrollment out of the park.

1. The Ultimate Guide to Open Enrollment

Access our comprehensive guide with everything you need – from questions to consider to valuable resources – to help you ace open enrollment.

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2. Three Ways Benefit Brokers Can Ensure a Smooth Open Enrollment Season

From educating employees to ensuring compliance, discover our 3 tips on how benefit brokers can help their clients with open enrollment.

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3. Ten Questions Employees Should Ask Their Employers When Choosing a Health Plan

Employees must take into account several factors when they start considering what health plan best fits their needs. Access our list of questions employers can ask their employer before making a final decision.

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4. Five Strategies for Helping Your Hybrid/Remote Employees Navigate Open Enrollment

With the rapid rise in the hybrid/remote workforce, HR departments have had to rethink their open enrollment strategy. Discover 5 strategies other companies are using to help their hybrid/remote employees.

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5. Three Benefits To Help Employees Save During Open Enrollment

Employees have voiced their concern over the rise in the cost of benefits. However, there are strategies employers can utilize to help reduce these costs. Discover those strategies in the following article.

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6. Five Tips & Tricks for a Successful Open Enrollment Season

Did you know 60% of respondents indicated that health and retirement benefits were a reason for staying with their current employer? To help you get it right and improve retention, take a look at the following article with 5 tips & tricks to nail open enrollment.

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7. Three Ways To Create a Strong Communication Plan for a Successful Open Enrollment Season

Let’s face it – open enrollment can be confusing. But with the proper communication, your employees can get through it easily. Discover our list of 3 ways to create a strong communication plan in the following article.

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8. Searching for a New Benefit Broker Form

Benefit brokers can play a crucial role in filling the gaps with your open enrollment plan, including ensuring compliance, educating employees, and more. If you’re currently searching for a new benefit broker, click the link below to fill out a quick form and we will help.

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9. Health Benefits Glossary of Terms

It’s vital employees understand what they’re reading, and that includes all terminology. Access and share our health benefits glossary of terms to ensure your employees understand health benefit terms that are frequently used during the open enrollment benefits season.

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10. Inflation-Adjusted Limits & Thresholds

The IRS has recently released the annual inflation adjustments for the tax year 2023-24, covering over 60 tax provisions. Discover our comprehensive overview of changes to limits and thresholds on some well-known tax provisions for the upcoming tax year in the following article.

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11. Open Enrollment Planning Worksheet

There are numerous essential dates and deadlines to remember for open enrollment. Utilize the following planning worksheet as a helpful tool to ensure you and your employees stay on top of all the important dates.

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