The Top 7 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About HR in 2020

Nov 26, 2019 11:41:42 AM
1. Create an Employee Handbook that is easy to read 📘

One of the most valuable tools that you can have to support both the employees and your company is an employee handbook. Not only is it an excellent resource for your employees to have at their fingertips, but it can also be a costly mistake for you if you do not have one. 

In the employee handbook, you will need to put all of your company policies in writing. All of these policies need to be consistent for all employees, fair, and easy to understand and fun to read.  

2. Make Onboarding Streamlined 👔

If you want to keep employees for a long time, the first thing you need to focus on is their onboarding. Make them productive on day-1. Onboarding should happen as soon as they walk in the door on the very first day. You can miss out on many opportunities by delaying this process as well as lost time. Make sure you implement a process that helps to prepare employees before their first days, such as taking care of all payroll paperwork and other housekeeping items.

3. Provide Positive Feedback and lots of rewards 👍
When your employees are doing well or have gone above and beyond for your company, you need to take the time to show them how appreciative you are. Show your employees that you are paying attention to the work they are doing as well as giving them the motivation to continue to do more.

4. Get the Help You Need 🆘
HR and Payroll can be very complex, and even if you have someone on staff who can handle the day-to-day aspects of it. But you may still want to get some outside expertise. Consider reaching out to Payroll and HR vendors who do this for a living. They are the ones who keep up with the latest tax laws, labor laws, and wage laws. They also specialize in building cloud-based software that can help you find talent, recruit talent, and manage your people from day-1 to retirement.  Check us out for more help.  

5. The H in HR is for Human 😀

In the world of HR, you are dealing with people. Everyone is unique with their personalities and quirks. They also have their own individual needs from their employers. The HR industry can seem very impersonal, given all the paperwork and various systems involved in processing applications and Payroll. However, remember that we are all in this business to build a sense of alignment between employees and employers will help in your career in HR.  

6. Understand the realities of HR 🤔

HR isn't always about thinking of fun ways to engage employees. The HR world is often very transactional and administrative. When employees are spending mission-critical time with HR, it means they aren't doing their real jobs. HR's role is to make sure the right policies, procedures, training, and benefits are in place to help employees remain productive, engaged, and motivated.

Communications will either make or break you in HR ☎️

Communication is hands-down, the most substantial aspect of any HR manager's position. All managers need practical communication skills, but it's especially crucial to HR managers. Dealing with all the people in the company means dealing with different positions, personalities, backgrounds, and egos. To be effective with these many variations, the HR manager must not only be an excellent communicator but a great listener as well.

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