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What the Heck are People Tools Anyway?

May 8, 2019 1:30:25 PM

What the Heck are People Tools Anyway?

People Tools are tools that help companies take care of their people....😱.....KISS (Keep It Simple...)

Don't you hate companies using fancy acronyms to describe things? We do too! Back in the day, People Tools referred to HCM or Human Capital Management software. We felt that this phrase needed to be simplified.

People Tools fall into three categories:

  • Core HR Tools
  • Talent Management Tools
  • Employee Engagement Tools

Core HR tools - The most vital of these are the foundation software and are the minimum required to run any corporate HR function. 

The other functions include:

Benefits administration: Includes employee 401(k) plans and participation, employee healthcare (medical/dental), life insurance policies, paid time off, etc.

Payroll: This includes employee salaries, bonuses, and 401(k) contributions. It also factors into deductions for healthcare and other employee-contributed programs. Payroll calculates withholding for taxes, cuts paychecks and provides integration with banking systems for direct deposit.

Employee records: Usually, a database that contains employee personal information (address, Social Security number, marital status, employment record, related legal forms, and other documents).

Time, attendance, and scheduling: Provides tools for staff to schedule work, track time and attendance, and track available and used sick days.

Talent Management Tools: Augment core HR functionality with software that enables organizations to develop their employees professionally from applicant tracking to training and performance management. It's that simple. Don't let vendors intimidate you with fancy words and acronyms and check out our People Tools. We are proud to show them off. 

Want to see even more? Schedule a demo to personally experience what our suite of solutions can offer your business. 


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