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Are You Measuring Your Employees' Performance or Winging it?

May 9, 2019 3:10:49 PM

More and more companies want the ability to track and reward top- performing employees with bonuses, or larger salary increases, based on the value they deliver to the company. The problem is, many legacy HR systems and practices often don’t support the ability to perform performance reviews. We try to do better than that. We provide an integrated Performance Management solution as part of our suite of People Tools.  

You can facilitate performance reviews, employee goals, and certifications while keeping important notes and documents for all their employees. They can also mentor, coach, and consistently develop their talent with our proprietary Coaches Corner solution. And finally, you can track and document the severity, type, and resolution of any employee incidents that may come up. 

Now that's performance management for the #PeopleFirst Economy.  

About Proliant

Proliant puts the human in human resources. We provide a fully integrated, cloud-based HCM solution that simplifies payroll and HR processes. The company serves small to large clients in multiple industries in all 50 states and is committed to providing the highest quality customer service in the industry.

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