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Are Those 100's of Resumes in your Inbox Scaring You? Don't let them, do this Instead...

May 23, 2019 12:00:00 PM

You’ve got your recruiting process down, you’re posting requisitions to multiple different job boards and have been receiving a lot of resumes and applications. In fact, it seems like you’re receiving far more applications than you’re used to, almost an overwhelming amount.

Getting such a large response to your job posting is fantastic, it increases the amount of applicants you get to choose from. However, the problem now is figuring out which are the most qualified candidates in a sea of resumes.

That’s where Proliant’s Applicant Tracking System comes into play.

Through our integration with ClearCompany, we have created the ultimate applicant organization tool designed to make managing resumes and applicants easier than ever.

Let’s get you started at the top: sorting through the massive amount of resumes you’ve received. You’ve posted a job for a mid-level sales person with at least 2 years experience and knowledge of the technology industry. You received 200 resumes from hopeful candidates across multiple job boards with more coming in everyday. You sorting through each resume 1-by-1 would obviously be tedious, so here’s where we come in:

With Passive Candidate Sourcing you can set keywords of job titles, years of experience, industry knowledge, and more and let our system automatically search through the mass of resumes for those keywords. Once the system finds a resume with matching keywords it will sort them into a “qualified” category and discard the other non-matching applications.

Now, you’ll only be reading resumes that definitely include the skills, knowledge, and experience that you are searching for, saving you the time and effort of having to search through every single application.

You’ve narrowed the resumes down into a handful of qualified candidates that you want to interview, but what about those applicants that just missed the cut? That’s where Talent Communities come in handy. Keep the resumes of the applicants that might be perfect for future job openings within the database. Just like the initial resume sorting, you can search through the saved resumes by keywords as well to once again cut down on time spent.

If you, or your team, are spending way too much time sorting through resumes of unqualified candidates, schedule a demo and see how we can totally reorganize and reinvigorate your hiring process.

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