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The Recruitment Funnel - Filter Down to your Rockstar Employee

May 28, 2019 10:30:00 AM

Have you ever had more qualified applicants than you know what to do with? If so, how do you manage to keep track of them all individually? Many clients of ours struggle with this issue and often ask, “Is this something you can help with?”

The short answer: Yes. Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has a “Candidate Pipeline” of sorts designed to make keeping track of your applicants easier, and more organized than ever.

Organizing and Tracking Applicants with Proliant

When someone submits a resume for a job you posted, what’s the workflow that application goes through? For many, it will send an email to a manager/hiring manager who then needs to keep it organized within their email/some other form. This can unintentionally cause problems: losing track of certain applications, forgetting key points covered in an employee’s screening interview, not remembering the last time that applicant was contacted, or what stage of the hiring process they may be in.

Proliant's ATS is designed to take all of those key trouble areas, and solve them in one place with our Talent Acquisition dashboard. Within our dashboard, you can track what stage of the hiring process your applicants are in. You might have tags like Application Submitted, Resume Reviewed, Phone Interview Scheduled, In-Person Interview, etc. This lets you see which candidates may be waiting for contact, who is coming in for an interview and when, and other important events. Keeping communications open with your applicants is very important during the entire recruiting process and our “Candidate Pipeline” gives you the organization to do so.

Organizing and Storing Applicant Information

So you know what stage of the process an applicant is in, but there’s a ton of information you have to gather about this person; where do you keep it all?

Within our ATS are individual candidate profiles, aka the perfect place to store all the information you need. Every applicant has a profile automatically made within the system when they submit an application. This page will store any files the applicant has uploaded (resume, cover letter, etc.) and can house interviewer notes, interview scheduling calendar, interview grading scores, and even a personal version of the Candidate Pipeline. These profiles are your one-stop-shop for everything on that particular applicant.

Do any of these problems sound a little too familiar, or maybe you just want to give yourself the recruiting tools that have been proven to make everything about Applicant Tracking better?

Schedule a Demo with us and see what a massive difference a good ATS makes for both your current and potential employees.

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