July 2024 Compliance Updates: New Vermont Tax & State Updates

June 2024 Compliance Updates: Overtime Exempt Worker Minimum Salary Increase, State Taxes, & More

May 2024 Compliance Updates: FTC Bans Noncompete Agreements & More

April 2024 Compliance Updates: New Student Loan Garnishments Issued in October 2024

March 2024 Compliance Updates: Civil Penalties Increasing for 2024 FLSA and FMLA Violations

February 2024 Compliance Updates: DOL Issues Final Rule on Employee Classification

January 2024 Compliance Updates: IRS Releases FUTA Tax Return

December Compliance Updates: Year-End Guide to Third-Party Sick Pay

November Compliance Updates: Discover Two Advantages of WOTC From the IRS

October Compliance Updates: Social Security Wage Base Increases

September Compliance Updates: IRS Provides Transition Relief for New Roth Catch-Up Requirement.

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June Compliance Updates: Form I-9 Remote Flexibility Ending Soon

May Compliance Updates: Treasury To Provide Clarity on Earned Wage Access Constructive Receipt

April Compliance Updates: IRS Ruling Allows 401(k) Match When Paying Off Student Loan Debt

February 6 - 10 Compliance Updates: As FMLA Celebrates 30 Years Some Lawmakers Look to Expand/Reform Program

January 30 - February 3 Compliance Updates: OCSE Seeks Public Comments on Revisions of Income Withholding Order and Instructions

January 23 - 27 Compliance Updates: Top Ten Payroll Issues of State Legislatures

January 16 - 20 Compliance Updates: Annual OSHA Form 300A Posting Begins February 1

January 9 - 13 Compliance Updates: Key Provisions in SECURE 2.0

January 2 - 6, 2023 Compliance Updates: 2023 Withholding Tables

December 26 - 30 Compliance Updates: Business Mileage Rates Increasing 3¢ for 2023

December 19 - 23 Compliance Updates: Despite IRS Efforts, TIGTA Says Expect Backlog of Forms 941 to Continue Into 2023

December 5 - 9 Compliance Updates: Federal Contractor Minimum Wage Increases

November 28 - December 2 Compliance Updates: IRS Releases Guidance on Prevailing Wage and Apprenticeship Requirements for Inflation Reduction Act Clean Energy Tax Credits

November 21 - 25 Compliance Updates: Must Pass Legislation May Bump Pension Bill from Lame Duck Consideration

November 14 - 18 Compliance Updates: IRS Widens Status-Change Rules for Cafeteria Plan Health Insurance and Fixes the Family Glitch

November 7 - 11 Compliance Updates: Labor Department Announces Final List of 2022 FUTA Credit Reduction States

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October 31 - November 4 Compliance Updates: 2023 Draft Instructions Released for 1042-S

October 23 - 28 Compliance Updates: Shift Workers May Be Affected by November 6 End to Daylight Savings Time

October 17 - 21 Compliance Updates: "Future of Payroll Survey" Says No Time Like the Present to Look Ahead for Keeping Up With Industry Trends

October 9 - 14 Compliance Updates: Social Security Wage Base Increases to $160,200 in 2023

October 3 - 7 Compliance Updates: Labor Department Issues a Final Rule for Temporary Agricultural Employment of H-2A Nonimmigrants

September 23rd Compliance Updates: American Payroll Association Issues Report on Paying Wages With Cryptocurrency

September 16th Compliance Updates: APA's Leadership Conference Notes Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Act for Internal Controls

Compliance Update: Increase to State of Florida’s Minimum Wage

CFPB and Department of Treasury Changes to Earned Wage Access Legislation

July Compliance Updates: San Francisco Voters Approved New Public Health Emergency Leave

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