Employee Onboarding to Impress and Retain New Employees

Feb 25, 2022 12:00:00 AM

“Onboarding is critical for success within an organization as it is where employers make their first impression and lay the groundwork for the employee experience,” says Natasha Goehring, Proliant onboarding specialist.  And according to Meighan Newhouse, Forbes Human Resources Council, “For an onboarding program to be effective and successful, you should proactively onboard your new hires for their entire first year. A successful onboarding strategy will reduce attrition and increase employee engagement, both of which impact your customers’ satisfaction as well as your bottom line.” 

The issue with most onboarding programs these days is that most of them haven’t been updated for the challenges of onboarding remote workers or people working with remote teams. With so many people working remotely, there is a different level of nurturing that should take place in the initial phases of onboarding. And if you’re going to have an effective onboarding program that provides an excellent experience for new hires no matter where they are working, you’re going to need robust onboarding software that ensures new hires feel prepared and supported. 

This is where Employee Onboarding with Proliant comes in.

Proliant’s onboarding software takes into account a lot of the initial errors that companies run into when it comes to onboarding. Our onboarding solution connects new hires with the resources and information they need to succeed before day one, ensuring employees have a positive experience and feel engaged and connected with their managers and teams.

Proliant's Employee Onboarding solution is a real game-changer because it makes it easy for employees to tackle the tedious paperwork portion of onboarding before their first day. The self-service functionality has an intuitive user interface and help tools to ensure employees fill out the necessary documents and your company is compliant with government rules and regulations. In addition, E-verification ensures those documents are filled correctly. 

By allowing new employees to complete onboarding before day one, managers and teams can focus on the exciting part: getting to know each other and getting to work. The first few months are the most crucial times for new hires; many people in human resources refer to this as the “honeymoon phase” for employees. According to Newhouse, many companies fall short in this phase and leave employees feeling abandoned and regretting their decision. Being able to jump right in and start building relationships and overall career goals is huge for new employees looking for signs that they’ve made the right choice and their time spent with the organization will be worthwhile. 

Our Employee Onboarding solution does a lot more than make paperwork easier. Here’s how it works: 

Customize the onboarding experience to suit your needs. 

Our onboarding solution gives the option of a completely remote onboarding experience, but you can also use our solution for in-office and hybrid employees. So regardless of whether your employees will meet you in person or if they will only ever see you in a Zoom call, you can use our solution to connect with them right away. 

  • Send customized emails or text messages to jumpstart the onboarding process before their first day, introducing them to their manager and team. 
  • Create custom instructions for each onboarding page so your employees feel confident and can get to know your cadence. 
  • Customize workflows and decide what to include for different groups of employees.

Employees and managers enter and verify information—remotely.  

With a remote onboarding process optimized for employees and contractors, employees can sign and verify documents electronically. To do this, you simply register employees for self-service accounts at the beginning of onboarding. Next, employees create a unique username or use a fixed format you designate to sign documents electronically. They can then use the same login for accessing the system after onboarding. 

Remote employees can easily fill out I9 forms.

A vital component of our remote onboarding tool is the ability for employers to alert and stop employees from proceeding without filling out I9. Remote employees can virtually assign a trusted representative to fill out section 2 of the I9 online. This is a massive time-saver for remote employees because they don’t have to visit a notary or dig up a fax machine. 

Completing and verifying tax forms and direct deposit is simple. 

Employees can also enroll in electronic W2s and pay statements, fill out direct deposit information, and receive alerts if routing numbers do not match with Routing Number Verification. In addition, built-in instructions, calculators, and field validation make it easy for employees to fill out their W-4 and state tax forms confidently. 

Seamless integrations make the whole thing that much easier. 

Our integration with Symmetry makes it easy for you to add applicable state taxes as well. And Address Validation helps ensure the correct local state taxes are applied, forms contain accurate information, and mail is sent to the correct location. 

Enroll hourly employees in daily pay and pay card options.

As an employer, you can also enroll employees in ReadyPay Today and register them for PayCards if necessary. ReadyPay Today is a great tool for providing daily pay and increased financial security for hourly employees. 

Collect the employee information you need and rest easy knowing it’s secure. 

The Custom New Hire tool allows you to collect only the information you want and need. For example, you can require and collect emergency contact information, veteran status, and disability status from your employees. You can also collect employee information for certifications, education history, licenses, skills, and training. 

Once you’ve collected the information you need, signed onboarding documents are kept secure in Automatic Storage and are easy to access when you need them. 

Ensure you receive Work Opportunity Tax Credits. 

Ensure you receive WOTC by screening and viewing employees’ eligibility directly in onboarding. Use built-in instructional video to help employees familiarize themselves with WOTC. 


Enjoy the Benefits of Proliant’s Onboarding Solution

As you can see, our Employee Onboarding does a lot of the heavy lifting throughout the entire process. But there are a lot of benefits to using our solution beyond simply making it easier for HR and management teams. Here are just a few of the ways our solution will make a difference: 

Improve company culture

Providing an excellent first impression with an efficient and personable onboarding solution helps give new employees a greater sense of your company culture, increasing retention. This streamlined onboarding process shows employees that you value their time and are excited to see them do their thing. Also, because our tools make the onboarding process so efficient, you can start building stronger relationships among your teams and a stronger company culture.

Reduce cost per hire. 

Not only do we assist in making your new employees feel at home and ready to work, but we also help out with your bottom line. Onboarding a new employee involves a lot of administrative tasks. Our cloud-based digital solution provides a great experience and eliminates busy-work, saving your business a ton in administrative work hours and losses: 

  • Lower employee turnover by improving company culture 
  • Reduce manual entry and eliminate data re-keying
  • Help new employees acclimate faster
  • Employees manage their own information and tax/pay documentation with employee self-service 
  • Save time with flexible integrations that allow data to flow in and out of third party systems (some integrations come with additional setup costs)
  • Support paperless onboarding processes

Stay 100% compliant with IRS rules and government requirements.

Accuracy and compliance are of the utmost importance for any of our solutions. Our Employee Onboarding solution significantly reduces compliance risks and ensures that you stay compliant with governmental requirements & IRS rules thanks to auto-updating. The onboarding process also requires up to two emergency contacts, adds applicable local taxes for employees through Symmetry integration, and verifies routing numbers for employees. 

Proliant is the perfect combination of technology and service. 

Our Employee Onboarding is just one example of the many solutions we provide as a one-stop-shop for all things HR and payroll. We work with thousands of clients across dozens of industries throughout the United States, and we are dedicated to providing accuracy, powerful solutions, and excellent service to each of them. 

If you’d like to learn more about how our onboarding solution can provide a fantastic experience for your employees, visit our Employee Onboarding page.

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