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How to Measure and Blow Away Your Recruitment Goals

May 21, 2019 12:00:00 PM


Being able to justify different work practices is essential for any task in any workplace. However, recruiting is very results-driven; considering the addition of new employees is a tangible result. But what about all of the steps before a new employee enters the office?

Let's go over what makes an excellent recruiting analytics system and how those results can help fine-tune your overall strategy.

Starting at the beginning of the process is managing which job boards you should post a requisition. Each different job board,  IndeedGlassdoorLinkUpZipRecruiterMonster, and your company website, will attract slightly different kinds of candidates. An excellent recruiting reporting tool will show how each job board is performing by parameters like: 

  • Resumes received 
  • How many candidates have moved through the process 
  • Hiring rate per job board

Beyond just the job board analytics is overall feedback on a job post, or posts. Click-through rates, applications received, any interview offers, and hiring team alerts are fantastic ways to get information on what needs work in your recruitment process. A low click-through rate on a job req could mean it needs a rewrite or adjusting. The number of interview offers sent out could indicate that you may need to adjust your standards for those applying to that position.

Another great way to receive recruiting info is through interview feedback. Being able to view applicant interview feedback from everyone involved with the process within one system is convenient and provides the basis for applicant grading.

An automatic score should generate for an applicant before interviewing (via a resume grading system that checks how relevant an applicant's resume is to your job requisition). Afterwards, interviewers can provide feedback. These scores make it easy to see at a glance who you may want to call in for that second interview.

Doesn't all of this sound great? Being able to see these analytics on several best recruiting practices, all in one place, and it's collaborative? That feedback could very well change your entire recruiting process. Lucky for you, Proliant's trusted Applicant Tracking and Recruitment system, with ClearCompany integration, can provide all of that feedback for you and more. Want to check it out for yourself?

Contact us on our website or better yet, schedule a demo to see what your recruiting process has been missing.

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