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How to Create the Most Beautiful New Hire Portal to Delight your New Employees (First Impressions are Everything...)

May 14, 2019 12:32:38 PM

You’ve found a new rockstar employee and might have even taken our advice and used our onboarding software to Make Your New Employee Productive on Day 1 by sending official IRS forms (and other paperwork) for them to complete before their first day. Now, how do you get that information to and from your new employee quickly, securely, and with a presentation your company can stand behind?

Through our New Hire Portal of course!

It wouldn’t make much sense to have an extensive digital process of onboarding, and then have to rely on filing physical documentation. A New Hire Portal (NHP) stores all of your new employee’s needed information, forms completed, and presents them with a look into how you want your company to be viewed with branding catered to you.

Presentation can be everything in certain circumstances, and while a plain or boring NHP could still get the information, wouldn’t you rather “wow” your new employee(s) with a branded page? Within the portal itself is a super intuitive user interface designed to guide new hires through the process as painlessly as possible. The most visible way this works is through small pop-up “Help” buttons that will provide tips if an employee becomes stuck or confused on a particular area.

IRS forms have never been so easy to complete. Your new hire, and your company, is guaranteed to stay compliant on their I-9s, W-2s, W-4s, and more within our systems automated processes. Not only that, but auto-fill technology carries employee information between forms in order to reduce any errors and time spent submitting the same information over and over.

What else can be done to make your onboarding process even easier? Well this onboarding process is mobile-friendly. Your new employee can view their on-boarding packet and complete their paperwork from any device.

Didn’t know onboarding could be so easy? Most business owners don’t until they check out our award winning suite of #PeopleTools. You can see them yourself by scheduling a demo with us today, and start towards a better onboarding experience.

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